Thursday, March 13, 2014


For most, Breaking ground never looks pretty,  soothing or
inspiring. The farmer reaches down on one knee,  holding a clump of dirt and can almost taste the sweet melons.

For most,  the shit that happens in the fields of our daily lives we discard with disdain and dissemination,  if not out and out bitching on Facebook or blogs... to anyone who will listen. Hovering like annoying flies over dung,  until we swat those thoughts away.

For most, we give up on a richer harvest because we  only see emotional defecation. Oh, but the haggard old agronomist knows different.  He sees the soil of the soul watered with each tear and uses the manure as fertilizer.  It is not a novel or new idea, it is simply a choice. Practical and useful.

The Seasons have changed,
Choose compassion.
It is the richest harvest of all.

Choose Love,
It is the only thing worth yielding.