Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just when I think there are no more tears to shed over this INJUSTICE... I read Fr. Geoffs story on how the LA Diocese is "black balling" him and here comes the rain... I have struggled most of life with what Call it is that God has given to me. We are after all, Gods First and then we are each others, some would say that is the same thing... perhaps. However, if you are a GLBT person it seems the Call to Serve God is limited!! I was at a PFLAG meeting last month and heard an uninformed straight man worry that all his son is up to is "gay sex, sex, sex" (John Corvino has an insightful article over at the Independent Gay Forum in which he ponders: “Why are [the] opponents [of gay people and same-sex marriage] obsessed with ‘butt-sex’?”).... and then it hit me, thats ALL some people think about when they hear GLBTs speaking out in favor of Gay rights.... BUT it never has been about that for most of us. Is it not a basic human right to Love and be Loved and all that entails?... This is about Freedom to be that which God has truly called us to be!! Not who YOU think we should be because of some misquided theology or perceptions.
I am most grateful for the fact that my connection to God is not limited to any four walls... as I find "Church" in the most unlikely gatherings and community life. However, it is still deeply surprising to me how very much it hurts me, when Prophets and Truthtellers are being bullied by the establishment, that deems itself worthy of being called The Church...

Oh God, Mother and Mystery, ...that we may be Faithful to Your Call!!

Here is an excerpt from Fr. Geoffs blog:
These authoritarian churchmen are threatened by the free expression of ideas which differ from their own. They are even more acutely sensitive on this particular issue than on most others because they know that many priests (and bishops) are gay. They take it as a personal affront that threatens not only their power and position, but perhaps even more frightening, it threatens to unmask many of them as closeted gay men. The simple solution of granting gay and lesbian Catholics the practical dignity which they have conferred upon them theoretically is a non-option. This is true because of sociological reasons. Most Catholics live in the Third World and are not prepared to accept women priests, let alone gay and lesbian equal rights. I entered the seminary in 1978 because of a sincere religious conversion. I have been privileged to know many holy priests and nuns. I have meditated on the Word of God and have been inspired by the Truth of Divine Mercy. I know that I am imperfect and have fallen short in my life but I can honestly say that I have never acted out of malice towards others. I know that the truth cannot be destroyed by free discussion and that ultimately, free discourse of ideas serves the truth since, it reveals it. Those who would lead us spiritually must do so by the wisdom and reason of their argumentation and not by coercion. They must embrace and manifest love and mercy as central values which they manifest through their words and deeds. This is how our founder proclaimed the Good News.

The link below tells Fr. Geoffs story.

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  1. Nothing like the big bad archdiocese of Los Angeles taking on the little guy as a favor to another bishop.

    Fr. Geoff can take some solace in the fact that it's more the honesty and truth that got him in trouble than the gay thing per se. A straight priest would have also found himself up the same creek and many have.

    Until the whole rotten clerical system implodes there will be many more Fr. Geoff's. But then again maybe the Feds will get Mahoney--assuming he's not transferred to Rome, and there will be just a little justice for Fr. Geoff.