Thursday, February 5, 2009

Work and Worth

Monday the Corp. gods sent me packing along with thousands and thousands of others. The good news is they are not my GOD... and so, I'm hopeful... anticipating what God has in store for me because I believe that verse in the Bible that says God looks after each sparrow..... (Since I do not have wings and cannot live in trees,) I have to work somewhere but the point I'm making is my Divine Lover will provide... He/She always, always has.
If God knows what we need then perhaps, it is our "wants" that can get us into trouble. Isn't that why our Country is in such a state??( Greed)..

"Gods Will" is a safer bet regarding true happiness and so, I will trudge that road... wherever it leads! A road to Freedom today is "doing the footwork and leaving the results to God". .. Sr. Kathleen used to say, "move slowly but not so slowly that you stop moving!" So although there is seemingly more time for fishing and resting ... "footwork"' is a lot of work!

And yet the true Worth I have today is that I belong to the Most High (no pun intended a.a.)

The Higher Power, that I choose to call God, employs me each day with a heart full of promise and hope that I will be placed where I am most able to be of Service to others, in whatever form that will come. ;-)

"We work to become... not to acquire". --Elbert Hubbard

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