Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Archbishop comes OUT!

Catholic Archbishop comes out as gay & questions the hierarchy's teachings on homosexuality.

In an article by Laurie Goodstein published Thursday, May 14th in the New York Times newspaper Archbishop Rembert Weakland is quoted as follows:

“If we say our God is an all-loving god,” he said, “how do you explain that at any given time probably 400 million living on the planet at one time would be gay? Are the religions of the world, as does Catholicism, saying to those hundreds of millions of people, you have to pass your whole life without any physical, genital expression of that love?”
He said he had been aware of his homosexual orientation since he was a teenager and suppressed it until he became archbishop, when he had relationships with several men because of “loneliness that became very strong.”
Archbishop Weakland, 82, said he was probably the first bishop to come out of the closet voluntarily. He said he was doing so not to excuse his actions but to give an honest account of why it happened and to raise questions about the church’s teaching that homosexuality is “objectively disordered.”
“Those are bad words because they are pejorative,” he said.

Wow! It takes courage at any age or in any position of life... but this is epic! How I would LovE to throw my arms around him and thank him for standing up to the cold rule of hypocrites. Indeed this sweet old man is closer to God than any of us who would judge him. 22, 52 or 82 ... its all good timing. Now, we don't get right with God by coming out, we get right with ourselves and our community at large when we say, "God is our God, who makes no mistakes... when Love is the gift that we Live.... not in secret and not in shame."

happy joyous and free

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