Sunday, October 25, 2009

No fan of Politics but.....

Politics are not my favorite thing to discuss, basically because the political system is inherently wrought with indecencies... at the expense of basic goodness. However, I will admit to voting primarily for Democrats... yes, I vote. Everyone should.

President Obama is a decent man, if not a gifted orator and brilliant in his diplomacy. However, I do pray for our President. I can see that there are things that would make any man, go insane with the type of pressure that he is subject to. . . After all, he did not create these wars or the massive economic collapse... Course the average American could give a shit about any of that! THEY WANT RESULTS NOW!!! FIX US!!! PULL US OUT OF THIS MESS!!! The screaming demands of a county and a culture addicted to instant gratification. Collective Addicts.. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.

Look "YA'LL" .... give the man eight years to turn things around... lets be uncomfortable with exacting the wealthy to pay more taxes and lets strive for the poor having enough to eat, a place to sleep and medicine to keep them alive. Oh ... for crying out loud, how is that "socialism?" .... You self centered bastards have had your turn at bat... and beat the poor to death. How about letting your swollen ego's off the necks of the underprivileged long enough to let them regain their dignity, their hope... let "change" do its surgical ousting of that which has long since cost American's their most precious asset ... their SOUL.

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