Sunday, June 26, 2011

AA Texas Convention 2011

Has it been a year since I last blogged? Time flows like a rushing river... splashing over and over the winding path... its time to enjoy the ride! :)

There were 1,400 sober men and women at this years convention... and the gist of it all- reminds me what all of us together can do, that alone we could not. There were a couple of speakers that talked about transformation that takes place in one who pursues the Spiritual Path... but what of those who do not make it? What of those who die or remain in an irritable and painful state while attempting to do this Spiritual Practice.... are they "losers" for not having had the transformation? NO!! Not at all.... Some people who have heart disease recover, ... others do not. Some people with diabetes can contain the disease.... other's die from it. It is a disease, period. End of story.

At one of the breaks in between speakers, a woman waves at me frantically~ "Hello, remember me?" Her beauty was striking and I thought, ... surely, I would have remembered this woman if we had met... "Um, maybe we met at a meeting here or in San Marcos?" I was grasping, trying to connect the dots... "No, she said... and I could see the disappoint me in her eyes...
The next day, she grabbed me and pulled me to the side, " You used to work at the Women's Shelter" and you shared your story of Recovery... you have greatly impacted my life and I Just wanted to tell you thank you!" I was washed away in that River, this time of gratitude for our paths having crossed... for the chance to throw a Life Jacket, Hope. So that she too can have the chance and miracle of a life of happiness, joy and freedom!!!!! Grace permeates all... whether we grab a hold of the Hope, or die from the not being able to latch on.. . . We are just passing thru this life after all... and the Old man river.... Fr. Time, never lets us forget.


  1. Excellent post, D! Thanks for touching my life.

  2. thanks Eric... i actually blogged about my anxiety speaking before these women in 09, that blog was titled appropriately, 'Carrying the Message'