Monday, December 29, 2008

The great mystics are the paradigms and the amplifiers of a life of deep faith, hope, and love. They help us to hear the interior whispers and to see the faint flickers of truth and love in ourselves and others. By looking at their lives, we can frequently discover the obstacle in us to fully authentic human life. Looking into the lives of the great mystics will help to locate the compass of our hearts, to see what authentic human living is, and what our final purification, illumination, and transformation entail.

— Harvey D. Egan, S.J., What Are They Saying About Mysticism?

Having had the opportunity to earn a lot of money... it was great in as much as earning money goes... but it quickly depleted me of the inner stirrings of Faith and even Love... I guess the "ism" can be anything.. as in "materialism".

We need Mystics today more than ever.. to read about them, learn from them and perhaps even fly like them. Well, maybe not "fly" but be FREE OF the ways that prevent the "authentic human experience"... free of all the "ism's". Merton, Dali Lama, Mother Teresa, Teresa d' Avila...Juliana of Norwich to mention a few... that are worth studying.

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