Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Today is the end of 2008... looking back its been wonderful!! Not perfect... Not terrible or unbelievably great ... but wonderful in ways that I might not have thought so in years passed. Perhaps this is one of the "gifts" of getting older. Like any Season hitting its peak, Full (not fat) and Alive (not high) before the next Season comes along and Changes everything... to a different kind of wonder-ful.

There is a pattern that has emerged in these years of late... intertwining colors braided with emotional waves of blues, pale pinks, golden threads; corazon red, smooth and coarse... weaved throughout my Soul.

There has not been answers to any of the "big" questions of my life... but who cares. Its the Freedom to find them that is important and I get that today. Perhaps as some poet so eloquently stated, "I will live out my questions into the answers without even noticing..." something like that.

2009 is knocking... and I cant wait for its unfolding.. day by beautiful day.

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