Tuesday, January 6, 2009

a soft burn

There is so much to do!! So much to learn and so much to see!! Keeping pace with the Movers and the Shakers absolutely exhausts me... no, defeats me.

I stand on my tippy toes of understanding and see the world a-glow with many colors... a soft blaze whispering to me, "to breath"... deeply... to be and to become.

Their gods of greed would take every last cent of accountability... they cant have me now, not ever. I delight from the light within and dance in the Truth that we are all just passing... through. This is not the promised land... fake gods, you are. Menacing forces depleting a Soul of true growth and Freedom... to love and to live for the sake of loving and living. Keep your coins of power and lust.

I will walk into that blazing glow within... still so much to learn... a soft burn, sweet and true.

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