Tuesday, December 23, 2008

La Tia

Today I took the morning off to go buy a pair of glasses. Seems in a "night terror" I somehow managed to break my "Nike" glasses. (sniffle, sniffle)

I called the Tia that Loves me and we drove off to take care of this matter. She was such a help as in what frame to choose, what color "worked" better for me... etc, etc. There are things that I am good at ... shopping in any form or fashion terrifies me. Its not that I dont like things.. its just the decision that I hate making (true Libra)... and so, I only buy things like "glasses" when they break and I have no recourse. ... I've outgrown the "taping" them together stage of my life... Thanks to Claire, who broke me of that and many other things of the like. Thank God....
There was a time she was ready to end our relationship over my inability to throw away "egg shells". I dunno why, I just put them back in the egg carton cracked and empty-- as if taking two steps to the trash can was too out-of-the-way... She broke down in tears one morning over this... and I thought... am I just "unconscious"? Because I could not remember to do that... no matter how hard I tried... :-( This took a lot of work-- but with a little more patience than she had and more conscious moments ...I was able to over come this unhygienic habit.

My Tia and I had a great morning together, giggling and saying "Falfurrias phrases". We ended it with a great lunch and a long discussion about Mother. She cried, as she usually does when we reminisce but I didn't. I laughed and acted goofy as usual when she and I get together. .. today, in large part because I needed to talk about Mom with someone who remembers her like I do and especially because, I needed help picking out new glasses!! I Love my Tia Erica and I know she Loves me... life is good.

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