Monday, December 22, 2008

Last night I met the funniest couple! She has been sober 25 yrs and he like 19. They talked about the importance of "helping others" and how much "it helps us" when we do. They talked about how much they Love this deal because their whole life has changed as a result. She weaved in Spiritual Principles through her profanity ... and then laughed when she said how she was approached by an older-timer telling her "vulgarity is not progress", to which she replied- "fuck you!". Yea, its like that!!! Thats how some of us roll... but there's love, love, love and you can feel it, no one has to really say it... Its been said, "Spirituality is to the Program what wet is to the Ocean"... lucky for me, I love to swim!

We overcome the evil in the world by the charity and compassion of God, and in so doing we drive all evil out of our own hearts.Thomas Merton No Man Is An Island: 163.

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