Sunday, December 21, 2008


Woke up early, singing and celebrating the cold weather... danced a little to Lamari Chamboa for my morning meditation and exercise.
Got dressed, threw out the trash, fed Michaela and smiled as I looked forward to being early enough to help set up coffee or chairs.... reached for my keys..... where are my keys...???
OK so I have a small if not tiny 2 bedroom apt.. and one of them just has my exercise sh..tuff I never use.
Ran down stairs checked my truck... nada. Came back up stairs... looked everywhere for 45 minutes... I then got angry!!! Whatever H.P. I suppose this is you telling me I should NOT go to Worship... funny, how God gets blamed for my defects (unorginization). Last chance God... I envision Her yawning... with complete boredom at my dilema. OK DAMN IT!! I WANT to go do you mind?? A little help please??? I'm not sure if I shouted but if I didnt then my Cat Michaela could read my hostility as she darted under the couch....
In some last attempt before defeaat I went downstairs and asked the resident porch drinker.... hey L. have you seen some keys laying around? Maybe when I was moving in my new head boards they fell somewhere..." What I was secretly thinking is maybe this woman or her boyfriend took them. They had seen me struggling to bring in some furniture and offered to help and I let them into my apartment. She immediately jumped up and put her cigarettte down to help me once again, this time to search for my keys... once again, nada.

I walked back upstairs resigned that I would stay home and figure out how to get a key cut before work tomorrow... closing the door I looked down at my favorite Chant CD 'Hildegard Von Bingen".... and guess whatt was sticking out from under the case???? Instant shame.
It was not poor L.s fault and certainly not Gods fault... the lesson came early how I must continue to work on my character defects and quit looking for anyone or anything to blame.

Worship was worth the agony getting there.... what a gift that congregation is to God and each other. Next Sunday I will sleep with my keys hanging where they should be, so I can help set up for that is all it takes sometimes, to be a "part of" and these days thats not a bad thing to be.

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