Thursday, February 26, 2009


Yesterday was Ash Weds ... a simple reminder what we truly are and are not! As I looked around the room..... I thought, " There is nowhere I'd rather be than here." We are called by God to be His own... in the words of our Pastor, "We are Gods dust..." Surely, the sound of that continues to resonate in my heart... Perhaps it will be my mantra for the Lenten Season. As I begin to atone and look at what needs changing in myself, I am encouraged by todays reading. (Duet. 7:6-11)

God has done the "choosing" first-- (not the other way around) and we are chosen to be His, simply because He Loves us...

Let us pray that the reflection seen (by others) be worthy of this Faithful God who has called us to be His very own... what does it mean to be "chosen"... I'm not sure but I am sure that we've done nothing to deserve it.

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