Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spiritual Stimulas Pkg

Oh how Time flies... whether or not one is having fun, it just rolls like a cloud on a windy day.

The benefits of having more free time these days are many but my favorite thing is curling up to a good book (ok books ) and am at liberty to stay up as LATE as I want to, YAY!
The one that is cracking my peas at the moment has been from Macrina Wiederkehr's "A Tree Full of Angels- Seeing The Holy In The Ordinary". I could write about her impact on my little world for days and days... and perhaps I will do just that, we shall see...

With everything that is going on in the world (America) today, people seem to be more apt to Pray for each other, the President (even if they didn't vote for him) and for themselves.... praying that things will soon be BETTER for us all...
Now, I would not want to suggest that the state of affairs we are living in collectively is a good thing but perhaps the struggle we face has brought us closer together in our "poverty"...
The word "poverty" in our culture is synonymous with "failure" or lower quality of life at the very least! HOWEVER, that is not the poverty that I am alluding to, today. Besides, my friends who saw "Slum Dog Millionare" said Americans do not know that level of poverty, debatable perhaps.

"When I accept my poverty, my total dependence on God, I become vulnerable and God can more easily reach me.... How often I've used my possessions to hide my poverty! I try to fill in the gnawing ache in my Life with material things. I sometimes use words to hide from my poverty... I get lost in the illusion of the importance of my words, words that begin to oppress rather than heal. Then there are times when I use my busyness to hide from my poverty. If I am in the midst of a flutter of activity I do not have to feel my poverty. I numb myself to God's Grace with my ceaseless activity..." (Macrina Wiederkehr)

The realization of my poverty has nothing to do with... "what will I eat today?" It has more to do with failing to be more charitible and less selfish. Here is why I think "fasting" is good once in awhile... "If I am too full of myself, I will NEVER find God". (p. 88 A Tree Full of Angels).

Perhaps Americans can reach out of their fears (or poverty) to once again find the One True God. Help someone just don't talk about it.

Can I hear an Amen?? :-)


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