Friday, March 27, 2009

We trust that we already know what our several freedoms truly are; that no future generation of AAs will ever feel compelled to limit them. Our AA freedoms create the soil in which genuine love can grow. . . .LANGUAGE OF THE HEART, p. 303

I craved freedom. First, freedom to drink; later, freedomfrom drink. The A.A. program of recovery rests on afoundation of free choice. There are no mandates, laws or commandments. A.A.'s spiritual program, as outlined in the Twelve Steps, and by which I am offered even greater FREEDOMS, is only suggested. I can take it or leave it. Sponsorship is offered, not forced, and I come and go as I will. It is these and other freedoms that allow me to recapture the dignity that was crushed by the burden of drink, and which is so dearly needed to support an enduring sobriety.

Most if not all of us who came to AA had no idea how rich our lives would become in helping others. The Gospel talks about keeping things simple and helping our neighbor, etc. etc. It was not till I got to AA and Alanon that I actually got the chance to live the Gospel's message..... and its been one not always easy to live... but certainly worth Living!

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