Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spain 2009 (part 1)

It seems so long since I've blogged.... that I don't know where to start but I will fumble through and see where it goes.

April 8th I had oral surgery and had 2 teeth pulled... my nerves were shot and I thought, "I am NOT going to make our scheduled trip to Spain April 14th.' My face broke out in fever blisters, a BIG sign that I'm over stressed... I worried and thought this was a sign not to go. A friend of mine, who just happens to be Pastor, (don't hold that against her) reminded me not so long ago that God is not as culpable as one seems to think. What was really at play here--- was a host of fears manifesting in my predicament. The nagging thoughts like, "who are YOU to realize a life long dream? What have you done lately that deserves to make this expense? The money you have is best saved because ..." and that rap went on and on in my brain. Another good friend, who happens to be my ex, but doesn't hold that against me:) said, "Del, why the hell NOT go!! You really deserve this..." and with that plus other votes of GO, GO, GO!! I mustered up that proverbial "seed" and prayed it would turn out as God meant it for me... even if that meant crashing into the Atlantic Ocean, or developing gum disease and in hellish pain in another country..." I am happy to say, that none of these scarey things were Diosita's will for me. Now on to the trip...

eeps, a friend from the Rio Grande Valley just called and is in the area. . . gonna log off and finish up later... I hate long blah, blah, blogs! Don't You???

Delighted to be blogging again!


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