Saturday, July 4, 2009

Today and its path...

Along the way of Life, I have met some remarkable people. People who knew from birth what they were destined to do and be... those people absolutely ASTOUND me. They are inspirational and I find myself attracted to some of them, 'who know who they are'. It would be an under statement of the century to say I was not born "one of those people". After years of chasing what I might become in terms of employment and status and accumulation... I got extremely bored and tired and burnt out. I think this happens when there in no real vision for ones life beyond what is told it should be... and did I mention boredom? Boredom is a slippery slope for people like me, in that it reinforces my lack of discipline.

So... where am I going with all this? Who the hell knows! However, I do believe there are things that I am responsible for no matter if I figure out or not what I want to be when I grow up. It just seems to be a complete waste of energy to be mad about it anymore. God has never wanted to keep me from my dreams... but perhaps has allowed me to feel lost, so that I may find them, again and again... as too often I look away from today and the choices that I have before me.

Today, that's it... that is what I have and what I choose today will probably affect my tomorrow but--- tsk, tsk, tsk. Keep your eye's on the road before you, Delizza. Remember what 'binge thinker's like ole' Rob or Kat might say, " If you have one foot stuck in the past -and one foot in the future... you are in a perfect position to crap on today".

Those wise bastards. ;-)

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