Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Clandestine Code... Church

Facing two Vatican investigations, some 800 women religious leaders from throughout the country have gathered here to discuss their congregations’ uncertain futures.

As outlined to the women by the Vatican, the final result of the investigation of the congregations will be put together by the Vatican appointed Apostolic Visitator, Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Sister Mother Mary Clare Millea.

Her report will be secret and will not be shared with the U.S. women religious. The reports made by visitation teams to various congregations, a phase of the investigation, are also to be secret and not shared with the individual congregations.

This particularly disturbs the women. Virtually all those who spoke with NCR called for transparency. Some said it would be a minimal requirement for active participation.

“We are used to evaluations. We have no problem with evaluations,” said Blessed Virgin Mary Sister Helen Garvey. “But we need a sense of fair play. There needs to be transparency.” (Excerpts from NCR 8/12/09)

What the HELL is going on here?? This is the year of the Priest ... but lets get those roque Nuns outta the way first!!! Can someone explain why this is happening and if so, then why all the Secrcey??? Are these Nuns terroristst in that the findings of their investigation must be kept hidden, even to the ones being investigated???I'm feeling this ... and I'm not a Sister or Nun or even Roman Catholic for that matter... This is the Bullshit that drove me away and many others like me, who want to follow Christ and His Gospel... not the the Institution that feeds their lust for power.

“They [the Vatican] should be awarding medals to these women, not investigating them. What’s going on is very painful and disrespectful because women religious have been so loyal to the church. I feel sorry for all the women who are now placed under suspicion. I know my sisters and they deserve better.”

Becoming philosophical, she added, “I came to religious life not to please an institution. I came to follow Jesus."

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  1. I don't find the secrecy unusual. It's consistent with this whole fiasco. The two Vatican Congregations involved have never released the identities of the bishops and laity who tattled to the Vatican and demanded these investigations. Since I strongly suspect money exchanged hands, there will be people who see the results of these investigations, it just won't be the people being investigated.

    The terrorists are not the nuns. They are the people whose influence bought these investigations. I suspect Mother Claire Millea is not sleeping well at night.