Saturday, August 8, 2009

Leaks of Faith

No one has all the answers, that's a given. No one is ever going to understand everything. . . but do we give up on seeking and understanding God's will for our lives? Can it be as simple as doing the 'next right thing' in front of me? Or does God have to be some mystery reserved for the well-read and well mannered?

Today I talked to a man who was agonizing over a few things. .. as I listened to him it became painful to hear him speak about where he was and where he wanted to be... it sounded much like a clutch trying to shift but is stuck... that loud scraping sound telling you its not in the right gear. He gave a detailed account of his problem and came to his own conclusion that God is at work in his life even if it did not feel like it. He may not have seen the miracle in that but I sure as hell did!

I thought of some sparrows I saw earlier in the heat of the afternoon that had gathered around an outdoor water faucet that was leaking drop by drop... the little birds took turns quenching their thirst.... they knew what my friend knows.... God works through all things to meet us where we need Him/Her the most. If we can't take leaps of Faith, know that sometimes leaks of Faith are the drops that will sustain us.

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