Monday, July 27, 2009

"God- as we understood Him..."

Feeling rather morose at supper time, I knew to do the very thing I did not want to do... go pick up a sandwich and go to a meeting... it beats eating alone but it also puts me in an environment where I can see my Higher Power in action... and that is always a good thing!

I unwrapped my tuna fish, spinach salad, to the dismay of my steak n potato friends, who by now have come to love me, no matter what crazy shit I come up with... Then a van pulled up and we got a whole bunch of young people, very young, that were in a nearby rehab facility. I lit up to see them straggling in, some a bit unsure and others just bursting at the seams with energy. ( too much coffee has its perks)
The meeting was on step 3 and some good things were said regarding Faith... tall, strapping young men pleaded with the rest of us... "how do I let go? how do I trust this power?" ... I put my sandwich down and swallowed hard... how, indeed??? For none of us know "HOW" it's done, only that we do it over and over, again and again ... and somehow, someway there is movement from where we were to where we are... it's really quite amazing to see first hand. I myself, rarely could when the leaps of progress had been made regarding my life... for Life always has "something" that is fertilizing us ... prompting new growth. However, progress is best seen in others, Oh Joy!!!! It's not that most of us come into the rooms not believing in a Higher Power, most of us do. It's that most of us felt HP had done us wrong, or worse... we had done HP and His people wrong... we just could not fit our self-centered selves into what appeared to be members only cheap seats. And then to hit this wall... called, Faith. "Faith in what they ask?" We smile and say, "that is your business, not ours." And they kick and curse and cry, when they hit that wall, and we say to them, "You are free to choose your Higher Power, what do you need?... love? mercy? joy? peace?... Yes, YOU can have that God as your very own, you see it does not matter who you say God is... because God is. It's only important that you trust that God and know you ain't Him."

The last thing we say is "Faith without actions is dead." ... But "First Things First... Keep Coming Back!!!"

And as I climb into my truck to drive home to my lil apt. and kitties... I thank God for allowing me to be there, so that I could along side my friends, point them towards the only direction in Life that's worth holding on to... A God of their own... understanding.

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